Friday, April 1, 2016


Dubai is a city located in UAE and is known for its luxurious people, buildings, architecture, and night life scenes. Dubai is UAE’s vacation hot spot. There are a lot of people who visit Dubai on their vacations, with the help of a Dubai Visit Visa. Dubai has different visas for the applicants who visit Dubai on tourism. Such as:

  • Tourist Visa For 14 Days. 
  • Tourist Visa For 30 Days.
  •  Tourist Visa For Next 60 days. 
  •  90 days tourist visa.

    Applying for Tourist Visas To The UAE is easy as the embassies of Dubai are worldwide. If you do not have an embassy nearby, then applying for a Dubai visa online is the best option. The fees for Dubai visa online are as follows: 
  • 14 days tourist visa- 7,500 INR. 
  • 30 Days Tourist Visa- 12.500 INR.

    Visa online fees includes: Visa Dubai Online Application Form fees, OK board fees, online charges and all taxes.

    *Note: The price mentioned above is for Indian citizens only. The price may vary from each country.

    Mandatory documents required to apply Dubai visa
  • Passport bio data page. The copy should be in a colour page. Black and white copy will not be accepted.
  • Photograph. The applicant should submit 2 clear colour photographs. 
  • ID  proof of residence. 
  • Additional documents for the countries with high risks.
  • A valid visa to prove last cost to any of the following countries in the last five years: UAE, UK, USA, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand. If that’s not possible then the applicant should submit documents which shows he or she has an investment of US 8000 or more/ the local income tax papers which show you have an annual income of US 8000 or more.
  •  Applicants are also welcome to submit any other documents in addition to the above if they feel the same will strengthen the case.

    Here are some reasons on why your visa might be delayed or rejected: 
  • Visas of the applicants with criminal records in UAE or India many get rejected. 
  • If the scanned copies if your passport is blur then the UAE immigration may reject or delay your process.
  • A female below the age of 24 and travelling alone, then there are chances of delay or rejection under suspicious of human trafficking.
  • Dubai visa application many get rejected if your passport holders unskilled profession like farmer or labourer.
  • If the visa application has any types of errors in name,  passport number, profession code, date of birth, passport insurance and expiry, then the application many get delayed or rejected.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The place Dubai is the wonderful tourist destination. It is well-known for its fantastic museums, authentic food, extra ordinary malls, its beautiful fountain and the marvelous restaurants. Dubai is mainly famous for its pure gold, people visit Dubai from the nook and corner of the world to buy the gold of Dubai. Not only gold, here you’ll get almost all the things in the affordable cost compare to other place. Many cuisines of Dubai have also come in the Guinness world record. You can enjoy here shopping as well as the delicious cuisines in the wonderful restaurants by just getting a visa for Dubai. The famous restaurants of Dubai are as follows

  • The savanna Hawaiian
    The Delhi darbar
    The options
  • The Sang palaceThe steak house of the legends
  • The restaurants of asha
  • The JW steak house
To get a Dubai visa you are supposed to fill the form. You can also apply in online Dubai visa application form and submit it along with the required documents to any of your consulate or in the embassy of Dubai. The processing time to get a visa of Dubai is 5 working days.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Belgium has many popular and well-known restaurants which offer delicious cuisines with
the beautiful ambience. The visitors love to visit Belgium for its wonderful cuisines. Even
though it is a small country of Europe, it has attracted many tourists from various places by
its attractions, restaurants and its food. Few famous Belgian restaurants are listed below

 The Amadeus

 The Maison du Cygne

 The Bruneau's

 The La manufacture

Get a visa for Belgium and have a romantic date with your better-half in the evergreen
restaurants of Belgium


Amadeus is the atmospheric restaurant which is located in the converted studio of sculptor.
This restaurant is perfect for an illicit meeting or for romantic dinner. It is set near the
courtyard which is covered by ivy. This restaurant features the black walls, candle light and
the lighting is dim recessed which offer illumination. The food of this place is equally
intriguing. The house specials include beef Carpaccio and caramelized spare ribs and the
vegetarians love spinach tortellini, ricotta and lasagne. Here along with every meal, the nut
bread is also served.


The Maison du Cygne was once a tavern where the social party organized, and today it is one
of the most elegant restaurants. This restaurant has the polished walls of walnut are hung
with the original Brueghel and extremely professional service are provided by the uninformed
waiters. The cuisine of this restaurant is Belgian and traditional French and it includes veal
sautéed with the fresh wild mushrooms, steamed turbot in the sauce of hazelnut-mint and
roasted pheasant. Here 70,000 bottle wine cellar is guaranteed to complement your meal.
This spot is popular mainly with the launching business folks.


The Bruneau's restaurant is elegant and extreme by the refined French cuisine of the famous
chef jean-Pierre bureau. And this romantic restaurant has earned two-Michelin stars. His
creations are innovative always by using only the fresh ingredients and he search constantly
for the experiences of new taste.


This building was once a leather goods factory as the name suggests. Now the leather
available here only to cover the banquette seats that are pulled up to stone and wood
tables. The exposed ductwork and the hardwood floors give the restaurant an industrial
feel. The food of this restaurant is a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines.


To get a Belgium tourist visa, first you need to fill the form. You can apply online for
Belgium visa and submit the form along with the requirements like passport size photo and
copy of your passport to any of your consulate or in the embassy.


Belgium is one of the small countries in Europe with full of tourist attractions and delicious
cuisines. It may be small but the Belgians have the big appetite and they like their food
whole-heartedly. They are not just interested in the quantity of food but also passionate
about the cooking quality. Along with the delicious food, Belgium is also famous for its
chocolate and beer. Once you get a Belgium visa and you visit Belgium, you must try the
popular food of Belgium which are listed below

 The Belgian fries

 The giant cookies

 The waffles

 The chocolates of Belgium


 Fries are very famous in Belgium. And to call it as a French fries in Belgium is utter and
complete blasphemy. Make sure you call it as Belgian fries or just fries to avoid conflict.
Belgians are proud for preparing the perfect fries with the perfect cut, the perfect potato
and the perfect temperature of oil. Get a visa for Belgium and try these mouth-watering
fries with the freshly cut, fluffy inside and crispy outside which is served in a paper cone.


The giant cookies are one of the famous thing in dominant. It is in the Saint Nicholas shape.
Anyone who sees this for the first time will think as some baked clay things to hang on the
wall. But it is the delicious giant edible cookies.


The waffles were introduced in Belgium by Maurice Vermes ch and it was served with
strawberries and cream. After New York world’s fair in 1964, the waffle was a huge hit and
very famous with the Americans and it is popular even today. In various states they often
eat the waffle with the maple syrup. The grid pattern of Belgium waffle is a larger, lighter
and lot higher compared to others. There are many types of waffle in Belgium like Stroop

waffle, liege waffle and Brussels waffle.


If you can’t avoid any food in Belgium is the chocolate of Belgium. The best chocolate in the
world is produced by Belgians with the pralines being the popular choice. It is a home-made
chocolate even today. You can have a tasting session and tours to chocolate shops before
you buy the chocolates. Belgium produces chocolates over 172,000 tons per year and it is
sold in over 2,130 chocolate shops of Belgium.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Make your Dubai visit an absolute delight!

If you already have a Dubai visa in your hand and you are planning to enjoy your holidays there but at the same time you also want to know about the yummy food and cuisines there, so that you can enjoy the delicious food for which Dubai is famous for, then welcome!!!! You have come to the most perfect spot.
In this article, you will know about some of the most delicious cuisines and other popular foods of Dubai.
We will start from Al-hares, the most exotic and traditional cuisine of Dubai. It is made of wheat and meat. And although the ingredients used in AL-harees is only few, but it involves a longer duration of cooking. And the taste is just delicious.

Another particular dish in Dubai, the hummus, is also very popular for its unique flavor. It is not a dish, but actually a dip or a sauce like thing, but the yummy taste has made it so popular that it is now considered as one of the traditional dishes of Dubai. You will definitely love it.

Shawarma is another remarkable dish in is now very famous in Asian countries as well, but it is originated from Dubai. So, don't you think it a must that you must try that dish there?

Then comes one of the dish known as stuffed camel. It has appeared on Guinness book records for one of the mightiest dish ever made. It comprises of lamb, chicken, whole camel, fish, eggs and rice.
Many more exotic dishes are there which you must definitely try like the al-machboos, falafel, ghuzi, Arabic bread and tabouli which you are going to love.

If you are an awesome foodie, you must be tempted to try these cuisines by now. Don't have a visa for Dubai? Getting this is really simple. You can also apply Dubai visa online which is quite easy nowadays.

Monday, August 10, 2015

China is an increasingly attractive destination for a dream vacation

The beautiful landscape, the history of several thousand years and the brilliant Chinese civilization, these are reasons why to visit the country, which must be added the many ethnic groups that make up the population and provide local color.

Currently, China offers two tours: a traditional circuit S-shaped connecting cities famous historical, political and cultural are Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hang Zhou, and a crescent-shaped circuit that puts emphasis on open areas of the coast as the Lauding Peninsula and Shandong, the deltas of the Yangtze and Zhujiang.

The first circuit takes to visit the Badaling Great Wall, the Imperial Palace and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Army Museum of warriors and horses in terracotta tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Forest steles and the Pagoda of the Great wild Goose in Xian, the Bund, Naming Road and Pudding New Area in Shanghai, Suzhou gardens and landscapes of the West Lake in Hang Zhou.

The second circuit permit you to see great changes in open areas of the coast since the reform and opening up, to admire the coastal landscapes of North and South, to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun and stay in a holiday village, attending gyms and bars outside the purely tourist activities.

Dozens of festivals, including snow, lanterns, the culture of the ancient city of Pingyao and nine routes on the Changing, the Haunches, through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze have been proposed in order to satisfy more tourists. Traditional dance, opera and folklore of ethnic minorities are part of tourism resources in China. Many tourists are attracted by the charm of folk arts like Peking Opera and traditional comic duos, and customs of various ethnic minorities such as the Water Festival of Dai, the Feast of Torches Yi, the Day 3 March Bai, songs of the Festival and the Festival of Zhuang 

Adam Mongols.

Otherwise the Chinese food, it is known in the whole world. The famous Beijing Roast Duck, Mongolian the pot, the roast suckling pig Guangdong fish from West Lake vinegar, spicy Sichuan tofu and various regional dishes are just a few examples of the diversity of specialties Chinese.

Since the reform and opening up, China has built a large number of hotels of different levels to meet the needs of tourism. Currently, China has more than 3,000 classified hotels, the most famous 5 star hotels are the Hotel Palace, China World Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, the Hilton Hotel, Garden Hotel, Hotel Xinjinjiang Shanghai, the White Swan Hotel, China Hotel, Hotel de l'Orient in Guangzhou, the Furama Hotel in Dalian and Shenzhen Nanhai Hotel. Hotels functional distributed in large and medium cities and tourist sites can accommodate a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Visa for Singapore

ICA Is the authority who deals with the visa and Immigration related issues of any visitor who wants to visit the country. The visitor first need to confirm the purpose of visit and then apply for the visa as the documentation might vary for different visa application from different countries.

 Application process of Visa for Singapore.

Like every other country to visit Singapore as well one requires the Visa for Singapore. Before applying one should be aware of the fact that for which purpose they want to visit the country.


The visa related affairs are taken care of by the Immigration and Checklist Authority (ICA) of Singapore.
There are certain guidelines issued by ICA according to which the specifications will vary for different visa offered.

Common Documentations:

-          Passport with validity of 6 months minimum.
-          2 recent passport sized photographs.
-          Details of the inward and outward journey.
-          Details of accommodation.

Types of Visa:

Depending upon the purpose of visit the type of visa application and its requirements for documentation also varies. The different type of visa offered is:

-          Tourist Visa: The visa which is issued to the visitor who want to visit for the purpose of tourism or their personal affairs.
-          a) Details of accommodation is not required in this case.
-          b) Contact details and the residential status of the host.
-          c) Letter of invitation.

-          Business Visa: The visa issued to the person for the purpose of their official purpose or work related purpose.
a)    Letter of invitation by the company.
b)    3 months bank statement

-          Transit Visa: The visa is issued to the person who has their ongoing journey to the other destinations further.
a) The details of forward journey and relevant proof.

-          Employment Visa: the visa issued to the person, professionals and businessmen who want to work in the country.
a)    The contract of employed signed between the employer and the employee.
b)    The details of return journey are not required in such case.

-          Student Visa: The visa is issued to the people who want to pursue their higher studies from Singapore.
-          A) The admission letter from the institute
-          B) The details of the student accommodation and financial support.

General conditions:

-          The visitors shall give the declaration that they will not get involved in any of the media related issues while stay.
-          The visitors on the tourist visa shall not be involved in any kind of services or business related activities during there stay.
-          There should not be any involvement in illegal activity, if found then there might be certain consequences which they had to face.

-          There is a certain security deposit which will be refunded to the applicant once the journey is over and there are no legal prosecutions imposed on the visitors.