Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dubai – An Ideal Destination For Your Honeymoon Trip

Dubai is one of the major tourist attractions loved and preferred by people from all around the world. There are a huge number of tourist attractions in Dubai which make it a perfect holiday destination for lovebirds. If you and your soul mate are looking for a perfect holiday destination then Dubai is the place for you. Before you plan your trip, it’s time to apply for your Dubai visa and explore the best of Dubai during your trip. If the task of applying for a Dubai visa is new for you then you may choose to hire a professional i.e. a Dubai visa service provider.

Here is a list of top four romantic spots for you to visit with your loved one –

1. The Dubai marine dinner cruise – Want to have a romantic dinner date with your loved one then the Dubai Marine is the place for you. From here you can witness the beauty of Dubai’s skyscrapers and enjoy one of a kind dining experience with your loved one.

2. Luxury dining in the Desert – The luxury dining date is ideal to provide a one of a kind experience to the couple who want to try out a “Living life king size” experience. You and your loved one will be taken to aromantic desert location for a perfect dining date with your partner.

3. A hot air balloon ride – The next one in the line is the hot air balloon ride which is ideal to explore the city of Dubai from the sky. This ride will last for about four hours and give you both a personalized experience throughout the flight.

4. Dubai tour in a Helicopter – This helicopter tour will last for about 45 minutes and give you a view of the BurjKhalifa, Jumeirah the Palm, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm. On this tour, you can take in the panoramic views of the city and create lifelong memories.

Overall, Dubai is a heavenly tourist attraction featuring many spectacular holiday choices for all and particularly the couples.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Five Major Attractions Of Dubai Which Make Dubai An Irresistible Holiday Destination

Dubai is one of the most famous holiday destinations all around the globe. The country has the best of beaches, holiday resorts, shopping malls, hotel accommodations which will make you fall in love with the entire holiday trip. If you are really looking forward to a holiday trip then it is worth applying for a Dubai visa and set out for a memorable trip to Dubai. This Emirate has a wonderful balance of old and new which is solely enough to draw your attention to Dubai. Here is a list of the best things in Dubai you should defiantly try when you visit it –

1. The BurjKhalifa – No matter how much you have heard about this world famous monument, it is not enough until you actually witness it and admire its height on your own. It has the highest observation deck in the world which leaves the visitors with a breath taking view of this Emirate and the desert.

2. Dubai underwater aquarium and zoo – Being the largest indoor aquarium in the world, the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo situated at the Dubai mall is a one of its kind experience. Here you can go for a close view of the marine species through underwater diving, glass bottom boat riding and obtain some interesting details about these aquatic animals. 

3. The Dubai Creek – There is nothing like a ride on these old roofed boats in Dubai at the Dubai Creek. This ride is one of the preserved experiences of the old Dubai. You can set out for an evening ride with just one dirham and enjoy the evening pass by with the prayers sung at the nearby Mosque.

4. The Burj Al Arab – The Burjcalls itself to be the only 7-star hotel in the world. Well, to believe this statement you will actually have to visit this sail-shaped hotel and witness their hospitality and luxuries on your own. However, the people who have already visited this place would agree that the Burj is a clear resemblance of luxury merged with style.

5. Desert Safari – Although being situated in the desert, there is no sand or sand dunes all over the city of Dubai. The desert safari is the best way to get a complete desert experience in Dubai. If you seek for some more adventure then the desert camping after the desert safari is another great option to go for. You can spend the night in open under the stars which will be simply an amazing experience.

Although the list of Dubai attractions is endless to explore them you will have to apply to get your visa for Dubai and draft a travel itinerary to get the most out of this trip. If are unsure about the Dubai visa application process then you can simply hire a Dubai visa service provider online. Such guys are highly trained professionals who know how the procedure has to be carried out and always prove to be a great source of assistance.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Aida is for a person who loves the Opera. Giuseppe Verdi and Antonio Ghislanzoni are the two minds behind this spectacle. This event is something like a tradition that is held frequently and it was started as early as the year 1871. Aida, the princess and main character of the play has a beautiful soprano and people who do not have much knowledge about the Opera or the effort it takes to hold one or the power behind the soprano etc. may attend this event. Also, the event is sure to delight all its spectators by exhibiting the best of voices and an evening filled with entertainment.

The Opera is essentially a story of love between a princess from Ethiopia and an Egyptian Commander Radames. Their struggle and the outcome of this love story would keep people hooked till the end. The added spice of the Pharaoh’s daughter being in love with Radames is another twist that many do not see coming and the entire Opera is beautifully conducted.

A person needs a Dubai visa to visit Dubai. At least due to the fact that this event is taking place in Dubai, the place has to be visited.Dubai visa service is also available and this helps a person to get a visa to Dubai. A person may also apply online for a Dubai visa today thanks to advancements in logistics and technology. is a web site that reduces the tension and work involved in applying for a Dubai visa. The web site takes care of all the paper work needed to apply for a Dubai visa.

Dates: from February 14th to February 17th, 2018.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Top Four Hotel Accommodations In Dubai You Cannot Afford To Miss

When it comes to choosing a holiday destination, Dubai scores the top position in the list of best holiday destinations. It has a fascinating lifestyle which is also reflected through the world class facilities offered by its luxurious hotels and accommodations. This holiday destination has the perfect blend of heart winning amiability, hospitality with a diverse range of delicious cuisines. If you wish to explore the best of all this then it is really worth applying for your Dubai visa and draft a travel itinerary centering all the major attraction you wish to explore during your holiday trip. However, the most important thing to shortlist before proceeding for a holiday trip is the hotel accommodation where you would be staying. To help you finalize an ideal hotel accommodation for your needs here is a list of the best hotels in Dubai –
1. Atlantis, The palm Being situated on the Palm island, this hotel is probably the best hotel choice in Dubai with the world class amenities which includes cozy rooms with minibars, flat TV screens, free WiFi, 24/7 room service etc. You can also opt for an upgraded suite which is set inside the aquarium with a marine view depicted through its floor to ceiling windows. The Atlantis also has many exciting entertainment options for the whole family to explore and enjoy.

2. The Burj Al Arab – Being a world-famous hotel in the form of a sail shaped building,the Burj is situated at the bank of the Jumeira beach island and is roughly a five-minute walk from the Wild Wadi Water Park. It’s astonishing suits feature floor to ceiling windows with a gulf and city view. The additional amenities covered by the hotel include flat – TV screens, free WiFi, iPod doc, whirlpool baths, designer toiletries, butler service and a lot more.

3. Hotel Al Maha – Being situated at the Dubai Desert Conservation reserve, this amazing hotel features elegant suits, minibars, free Wi Fi, butler service and a lot more. This hotel accommodation is the best for those who want to try out a desert adventure; it also offers two desert activities each day for extended fun. You may also choose an upgraded suite which comes with additional facilities such as courtyards, kitchen and the private staff housing facility for more comfort.

4. Shangri-La Hotel –Being situated at the Sheikh Zayed Road,this Dubai hotel is really a sky kissing establishment with more than 300 guest rooms which have deep soaking tubs, curved swimming pool, rain showers, spas and a lot more. The major attraction of the Shangri La Hotel is its signature dishes which always make the customers want more.

Dubai has an extensive range of hotels to choose from but these four are the best hotel accommodations with the best of every facility you can imagine to experience. If you have made your mind to explore Dubai then it is high time to apply for Dubai visa and create wonderful memories this holiday season.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dubai Tourist Visa – Know How Long Will It Take To Get One For Your Visit

A Dubai tourist visa is issued by the visa embassy when an applicant is intending to visit the UAE for tourist purpose. This type of visa comes with a validity of 30 days and it is non-renewable; if a tourist visa holder stays in Dubai for more than 30 days then such visitor has to pay a fine per day for the additional days beyond the duration of 30 days.
The normal Dubai visa processing time is 3 to 4 working days. The applicant needs to furnish all the required documents along with his visa application which includes:

• A color scanned copy of the applicant’s passport pages mentioning his/her name, address and other relevant details. The passport should be valid for at least six months.

• A colored scanned copy of the applicant’s photograph which should depict his/her full facial features.
• A copy of the confirmed return ticket of the applicant.

The Dubai visa is subjected to some additional conditions and rules which are as follows –

• All the entry in the UAE is subjected to immigration approval.

• In case a visa application gets rejected then the visa embassy is not liable to pay any refund for the return ticket booked by the applicant.

• The visa fees once paid is completely nonrefundable in any case including visa rejection.

The Dubai visa embassy has certain age limits for the male and female applicants to qualify for a visit to Dubai, which is as follows –
For males:

• Only the male applicants within the age group of 19 to 68 years are allowed to travel alone.
• The males within the age group of 0 to 18 years should be accompanied by parents to execute a visit to Dubai.

For females:
• Only the females within the age group of 30 to 63 years are allowed to travel alone.
• The females within the age group of 12 to 29 years should be accompanied by their parents or husband.
• The females within the age group of 0 to 11 years are only allowed traveling with their parents.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Five Effective Tips To Travel To Dubai On A Budget

It is pretty much fascinating how some of the most promising and expensive destinations in the world have such reasonable options to execute a stay. Dubai is one of those places; the city is tagged to be really expensive but there are various cost-effective alternatives which make a stay affordable for all classes of people. You can simply apply for a Dubai visa and fly to this amazing destination without overspending to make your trip memorable. All you need to do is to hire a Dubai visa service provider and get your visa for Dubai without any hassle. Here are some major cost-effective advices to make your Dubai stay much more affordable –

1. Make sure to buy budget plane tickets – The first thing you can do to make your stay affordable is to get your Dubai plane tickets at a good price. Fortunately,the city of Dubai is really well connected with budgeted airlines. So, as soon as you find a flight ticket at the right price go for it.

2. Choose from budget tourist attractions –We already know that traveling to Dubai on a budget is possible only when you plan your trip well in advance. So, make sure to choose the right spots to visit and don’t forget to book your tickets for your desired tourist attraction in advance. This will defiantly save you some cost. However, you may also choose to visit the luxurious shopping malls of Dubai or witness the beauty of Dubai from the heights of BurjKhalifa.

3. Choose the accommodations which fit your budget –If you are traveling to Dubai on a budget then it is a must for you to choose the right hotel accommodation which suits your budget. You can search for the most affordable hotel accommodation in Deira which is the most traditional area of Dubai.

4. Opt for public transports during your visit –For an on budget trip make sure to use the city metro. It is a very modern and well-organized transport resource which means it is really comfortable as well. The best part is its affordability; you can opt for a daily ticket for as less as 14 AED. Another option you can opt for is the Dubai taxi which will take you any destination in Dubai you want without breaking your budget.

5. Choose the food options which suits your budget – You can spend all your money on food in Dubai if you want, but if you are traveling on a budget then the city also has a range of affordable eateries. All you need to do is to find a good Indian restaurant and eat as much as you want at the right price.

Overall, it is not a bad idea to visit Dubai on a budget and enjoy its amazing beaches, astonishing malls and a lot more. So, this year do not skip on visiting Dubai for its expensiveness and plan your trip on a budget to explore the best of its beauty.

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Why visit Dubai this New Year?

For an exciting and one of the most memorable New Year, plan your holiday in Dubai for it is going to be grand and indeed the most magical. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera, Dhow Cruise, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, the Palm and City Walk, Dubai are our top picks this year for the New Year celebration in Dubai.

So people, all of you must be planning for welcoming and celebrating the year 2018 in your own special way! Isn’t it? So, what about a trip to the mega city Dubai especially for your New Year’s Eve this year? Exciting, isn’t it? Well, mere mention of this place brings excitement and happiness along, imagine what it would be like to be in this amazingly beautiful and modern city during 

New Year itself. It is indeed going to be one of the best New Year ever! So, ditch Europe this time, apply for a Dubai Visa and fill Dubai Holiday Visa Application Form UK by paying the required Dubai Travel Visa Fees in order to be in the one of the most amazing cities of the world- Dubai. So, which is the top spot to observe the massive and the most charismatic display of fireworks in the Dubai skyline illuminating the entire city? Well there are many. First and foremost is the iconic landmark of the city – Burj Khalifa. The grandeur of Burj coupled with the most opulent and colorful display of fireworks is indeed magical and awe-inspiring. 

So,the best thing you can do is to grab a spot along the waterfront of the exquisitely aesthetic Dubai Fountain in the evening itself where thousands of natives and visitors gather to witness the magic of laser shows, firework display and colorful skyline of Dubai. This is indeed one of the few events which is most watched across the world over television making it utmost desirable. The area of Downtown Dubai is restricted at night in order to control the crowd, so it is advisable that you should plan ahead your day!
If you want more than just visualizing the celebrations, then become a part of all this by booking your package this year for the New Year’s Eve Gala 2018 at Dubai Opera this year. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve in the utmost fancy and magnificent way by being the part of this Gala night. As a part of this, you will get to enjoy unlimited drinks and canapes , Last Night of the Year Proms in the Auditorium of Opera House, a toast at the midnight, downtown spectacular either from the Dubai Opera’s New Opera Garden or dedicated area (depending on the package you choose) and dance the entire night on Opera’s live DJ.Besides these, you can plan a stay at the most iconic hotel of Dubai like the Burj Al Arab or Atlantis, the Palm which are one of the most opulent, luxurious and premier hotels out here. They have their own fireworks displays, New Year parties and much more. You can
also opt for a Dhow Cruise Dinner or partying at City Walk, Dubai for having your ultimate
and memorable New Year celebrations.

No matter which spot you choose for welcoming the New Year in Dubai, it’s going to be the one with
ever- lasting memories.