Friday, December 22, 2017

Five Effective Tips To Travel To Dubai On A Budget

It is pretty much fascinating how some of the most promising and expensive destinations in the world have such reasonable options to execute a stay. Dubai is one of those places; the city is tagged to be really expensive but there are various cost-effective alternatives which make a stay affordable for all classes of people. You can simply apply for a Dubai visa and fly to this amazing destination without overspending to make your trip memorable. All you need to do is to hire a Dubai visa service provider and get your visa for Dubai without any hassle. Here are some major cost-effective advices to make your Dubai stay much more affordable –

1. Make sure to buy budget plane tickets – The first thing you can do to make your stay affordable is to get your Dubai plane tickets at a good price. Fortunately,the city of Dubai is really well connected with budgeted airlines. So, as soon as you find a flight ticket at the right price go for it.

2. Choose from budget tourist attractions –We already know that traveling to Dubai on a budget is possible only when you plan your trip well in advance. So, make sure to choose the right spots to visit and don’t forget to book your tickets for your desired tourist attraction in advance. This will defiantly save you some cost. However, you may also choose to visit the luxurious shopping malls of Dubai or witness the beauty of Dubai from the heights of BurjKhalifa.

3. Choose the accommodations which fit your budget –If you are traveling to Dubai on a budget then it is a must for you to choose the right hotel accommodation which suits your budget. You can search for the most affordable hotel accommodation in Deira which is the most traditional area of Dubai.

4. Opt for public transports during your visit –For an on budget trip make sure to use the city metro. It is a very modern and well-organized transport resource which means it is really comfortable as well. The best part is its affordability; you can opt for a daily ticket for as less as 14 AED. Another option you can opt for is the Dubai taxi which will take you any destination in Dubai you want without breaking your budget.

5. Choose the food options which suits your budget – You can spend all your money on food in Dubai if you want, but if you are traveling on a budget then the city also has a range of affordable eateries. All you need to do is to find a good Indian restaurant and eat as much as you want at the right price.

Overall, it is not a bad idea to visit Dubai on a budget and enjoy its amazing beaches, astonishing malls and a lot more. So, this year do not skip on visiting Dubai for its expensiveness and plan your trip on a budget to explore the best of its beauty.

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Why visit Dubai this New Year?

For an exciting and one of the most memorable New Year, plan your holiday in Dubai for it is going to be grand and indeed the most magical. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Opera, Dhow Cruise, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, the Palm and City Walk, Dubai are our top picks this year for the New Year celebration in Dubai.

So people, all of you must be planning for welcoming and celebrating the year 2018 in your own special way! Isn’t it? So, what about a trip to the mega city Dubai especially for your New Year’s Eve this year? Exciting, isn’t it? Well, mere mention of this place brings excitement and happiness along, imagine what it would be like to be in this amazingly beautiful and modern city during 

New Year itself. It is indeed going to be one of the best New Year ever! So, ditch Europe this time, apply for a Dubai Visa and fill Dubai Holiday Visa Application Form UK by paying the required Dubai Travel Visa Fees in order to be in the one of the most amazing cities of the world- Dubai. So, which is the top spot to observe the massive and the most charismatic display of fireworks in the Dubai skyline illuminating the entire city? Well there are many. First and foremost is the iconic landmark of the city – Burj Khalifa. The grandeur of Burj coupled with the most opulent and colorful display of fireworks is indeed magical and awe-inspiring. 

So,the best thing you can do is to grab a spot along the waterfront of the exquisitely aesthetic Dubai Fountain in the evening itself where thousands of natives and visitors gather to witness the magic of laser shows, firework display and colorful skyline of Dubai. This is indeed one of the few events which is most watched across the world over television making it utmost desirable. The area of Downtown Dubai is restricted at night in order to control the crowd, so it is advisable that you should plan ahead your day!
If you want more than just visualizing the celebrations, then become a part of all this by booking your package this year for the New Year’s Eve Gala 2018 at Dubai Opera this year. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve in the utmost fancy and magnificent way by being the part of this Gala night. As a part of this, you will get to enjoy unlimited drinks and canapes , Last Night of the Year Proms in the Auditorium of Opera House, a toast at the midnight, downtown spectacular either from the Dubai Opera’s New Opera Garden or dedicated area (depending on the package you choose) and dance the entire night on Opera’s live DJ.Besides these, you can plan a stay at the most iconic hotel of Dubai like the Burj Al Arab or Atlantis, the Palm which are one of the most opulent, luxurious and premier hotels out here. They have their own fireworks displays, New Year parties and much more. You can
also opt for a Dhow Cruise Dinner or partying at City Walk, Dubai for having your ultimate
and memorable New Year celebrations.

No matter which spot you choose for welcoming the New Year in Dubai, it’s going to be the one with
ever- lasting memories.

Zabeel Park, Dubai

If you want to see the first ever technology-driven park in the Gulf region, then visit the park which is almost the size of 45 football parks and has not just the recreational facilities but also children’s amusement compound and edutainment centre. Located in the Zabeel district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Zabeel Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai.  Featuring over 3000 palm trees and 7000 other trees of around 14 species, this park is amazing and attracts visitor from across the world. Zabeel Park is divided into various sections which are all connected to each other via pedestrian bridges.
This beautifully landscaped area of the park is indeed very popular among children and families for a great evening. Although the park opens at 4 pm but the best time to visit the park is after 5 pm. The Dubai Garden Glow is a beautiful attraction of the Zabeel Park which features trees, animals and various structures inspired by various attractions from across the globe glowing with lights and colours at the late evenings and night.

There are a wide range of facilities available in the park which makes it that popular not just among st families but also the fitness enthusiasts. For the fitness freaks, there is a jogging track of around 4.3 kilometers, pedestrian tracks, a fitness center and even a BMX Track. For the kids there is a skateboarding park, picnic areas, a boating lake, ice skating, play areas, a mini cricket – pitch and various monuments too! There is a barbecue or covered cooking area and kiosks as well for refreshments. Apart from these exciting facilities, there are water fountains, three zones i.e. The Alternative Energy Zone, Communication Zone and Techno Zone having educational and interactive exhibits for the children, 3D cinema for educational purpose etc.

This lush green park and the well-manicured gardens make Zabeel Park, a perfect place to relax. If you want to have a leisure time observing the beauty of the park with your kids, you can enjoy boating and there are row, pedal and motor boats to choose from. If you love to ride bikes, you can hire bikes and enjoy cycling with your family at the park. Not just this, if you don’t feel like walking from one section to other section of the Zabeel Park, you can take up the ride of Tourist Train but with a fee or charge.
Don’t get surprised, this garden uses environment friendly and recyclable items such as the plastic bottles, glasses and porcelain cups, plastic items and the colorful bulbs which are based on lower electricity consumption. The idea behind this is to educate the people regarding preserving the Earth and reducing the carbon foot prints. You can also enjoy live music and other performances in the garden from different artists and performers.  The admission fee to the park is minimal at AED 5 and AED 40 for hiring boats. This garden is indeed beautiful and for a relaxing evening in Dubai, this is a perfect place to be with your family.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Three Aspects Which Make It Worth Hiring A Dubai Visa Agency Then Applying On Your Own

Applying for a Dubai visa and receiving approval for the same can be a really crucial task for the first-timers . It is quite easy to apply for a Dubai visa and get your visa approved but if you commit any mistake then it can result in making all your efforts go in vain. However, some people prefer applying on their own to save some cost but if you have to make an urgent visit to Dubai for any personal or professional reason then it is highly recommended to take the help of a visa expert to minimize your chances of visa rejection. Here are three strong grounds to support this statement and highlighting the importance of hiring a visa service provider –

1. They are experienced and skilled – The first and foremost reason behind hiring a Dubai visa service provider is their high level of experience and skills in the field of visa industry. They know what the important factors to be considered are and how the entire visa procedure should be carried out without committing any mistake.

2. Timely updates from the embassy – When a visa applicant hires a visa service provider then it becomes much easier for the applicant to take a note of the status of his visa application. The visa agencies undertake the task of informing the applicant about his/her application status every now and then which proves to be really helpful.

3. The reminding guide – It is completely normal to forget something but forgetting to fulfill or complying with any of the visa requirements can lead you to visa rejection. This is where the visa service providers come into the picture. These guys assist the applicant in fulfilling all the visa requirements and remind the applicant of every important date.

Although, hiring a visa service provider requires incurring some additional cost but it is completely worth it for the facilities and services they provide to their clients.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Green Planet Dubai

Can you imagine a tropical rainforest that too in a desert like Dubai? Well, Dubai has its own rainforest now with over 3000 species of animals, plants and free-flying birds. The Green Planet Dubai is open to public and is indeed astounding.  So, if you have a curious mind and wish to explore the unique world and wonders of rainforests, then Green Planet Dubai is a place for you, during your Dubai Holiday. This Green Planet designed in the form of enclosed ecosystem is a bio-dome of 900-square metre boasting an enchanting world of living beings in the tropical forest and a centrepiece in the form of largest man-made indoor tree that is life-sustaining and stands at 25 meters. 

You will marvel at the sight of the birds and other creatures flying and roaming freely around you. The lush and natural world around is an immersive experience at the Green Planet Dubai and would leave you in complete awe. This vertical rainforest maintains the temperature and dampness of the facility exactly similar to a real rainforest so that visitors have the similar experience of the ecosystem. This facility was developed with the help of leading zoologists, scientists and architects across the globe as an educational and recreational resource for the people of all the ages and varied interests. Located at the City Walk in Jumeirah, this ecosystem gives you the glimpse of how the different life-forms co-exist and how the ecological balance is maintained. You can even have the chance to feed and pet the animals and birds out here but under the supervision of the staff at the Green Planet Dubai. This facility was created with an aim to educate children and families regarding the ecosystem and how they should be preserved along with life forms.

There are four levels in the facility which can be explored by the people through a spiral walkway built around the central giant tree. The topmost level i.e. Canopy gives the panoramic view of the vertical facility and is the roof of this tropical rainforest absorbing most of the sunlight. Next is the midstory, where the trees have large leaves to absorb the light filtered by the canopy. After this, is the forest area receiving barely any light and very humid and dark. At the lowest level of the facility is the Flooded Rainforest which provides appropriate conditions to all living beings in order to survive. You will find many turtles, arapaima, stingrays and many other aquatic species swimming in the aquarium here. 

From colourful parrots perching on the branches of the trees to butterflies hovering and resting on your hands, this rainforest is an amazing world with so many exotic birds, porcupines, sloths, snakes, bees, turtles, crocodile lizards, insects etc. The rainforest is absolutely safe for even small kids to visit and you will find staff at every level, providing you information regarding different species of flora and fauna. The tickets to Green Planet Dubai cost AED 95 for adults and AED 70 for children aged from 3 to 12 years. It is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm and is indeed a marvellous experience for people from different walks of life. 

So, make sure you drop by at Green Planet Dubai during your Dubai Holiday and make it one of your memorable trips to the city. For Dubai Holiday Visa or Express Dubai Visa, avail Dubai Visa Service on the payment of Dubai Visa Fees and get your Visa without any delay to the City of Gold.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mushrif Park, Dubai

If you are on a long Dubai Holiday and wish to go for a peaceful outing with your family, then Mushrif Park can be an ideal picnic spot for your family and especially your kids. The park spanning to 5.25 square kilometres is located in the eastern part of the city of Dubai in Deira and is 15 kilometres away from the Dubai city centre close to Khawaneej.
This Park has an international village featuring thirteen models of English and Arabic houses, an aviary with many birds and fancy pigeons, furry rabbits, rock gardens with small streams running through, a stable, petting zoo and much more. The park has many other recreation and entertainment options such as swimming pools, cycling track, playground with basketball, volleyball, and handball courts, fountains, lakes, play areas for children, barbecue areas, restaurants, train rides, electronic games, prayer rooms, facilities for people with special needs and a lot more. 

There are arrangements of camel and horse riding too and along with that, you will be given an insight to the Bedouin lifestyle with Bedouin Tents, wells, goats etc. You can ride on a camel and get to know the Bedouin culture as well, making the trip to this park, an exciting excursion. If you want to just walk around, you can walk on the walking tracks and explore the beautiful lush-green surroundings with many beautiful birds flying around. Far from the rush of the main city, the location of the park makes it a perfect location to have a relaxing evening in the lap of nature. For those who love nature, The Botanic Garden and The Shade House in the Mushrif Park would be a perfect place to observe its charm. The area gets lit in the night and gives a magnificent and magical view. The Shade House has two decks and you can have a spectacular view of the park from the upper deck.

Apart from this, there is a long esplanade of 460 meters encircled by the big palm trees which becomes quite inviting at evening and night with lights all around. There is a small stream at the end of which, a copper fish is placed providing a delightful and an arresting vista. For those who love to shop, the Saturday Market at the Mushrif Park is the perfect place to buy home decor items, jewellery, organic fruits and vegetables, art and fashion etc. The market is open from 4 pm to 9 pm every week on Saturdays and you will find plenty of vendors selling great stuff here.

Last but not the least, there is also an outdoor movie lawn in the park; so checkout for the program of outdoor movie screenings at Mushrif Park and you can enjoy a great movie time at outdoor screenings with your family. With features like an evening and flower garden, Mushrif Garden is Dubai is undoubtedly a bliss where you will find yourself in the embrace of nature and peace.

So, visit Mushrif Park on your next tour to Dubai and for Dubai Holiday Visa , apply with an Online Dubai Visa provider. On payment of the required Dubai Visa Fees, you can get your Visa as per your scheduled dates of travel.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What to do around Dubai creek

Dubai vacation can never end without spending a day at Dubai Creek. The old town of Dubai and the area around the Dubai Creek is a break from the extravagant and glam Dubai having the tallest skyscrapers, modern architecture and entertainment zones. This old Dubai area still retains that beautiful old charm and is worth exploring when you want to discover the real old Dubai.

There is a lot to do around the Creek and you can have a long amazing day exploring the beauty of this region. The Al Bastakiya District will offer you the glimpse of traditional Arabic culture, houses and original architecture.  Many of the houses have been transformed into art galleries, cafeterias, museums and shops where you can discover some amazing Arab Art, traditional cuisine of Emirates and much more. If you want to shop something from here, you can visit the very popular Meena Bazaar which is a bustling market offering Indian stuff, material and street food to people. You can get a lot of affordable stuff and will enjoy shopping here. There are Souks as well if you want to buy some authentic Arabic Spices, Textiles or jewellery. Just bargain well with the shop owners and you can get some lovely souvenirs for your friends and family from here.

The visit to Creek would never be complete if you miss the famous Abra Ride crossing the Dubai Creek. And as the day ends, at the dawn, you will be amazed by the beautiful surroundings of Dubai Creek. You can enjoy the sunset while having dinner at the numerous restaurants and cafes located around. You can even enjoy a drink with your friends in the clubs and bars located in the region. But if you want to truly have an amazing dinner experience at the creek, then just go for a traditional Dhow Cruise at the Creek which offers a luxurious buffet, music and stunning views of the city of Dubai. 

Dubai Creek is surely going to be a wonderful experience after you are done exploring all the entertainment options and glamour of Dubai. It is indeed the best way to end your Dubai vacation so just go for it! Fill in the Dubai Visa Application Form with any of the Dubai Tourist Visa providers by paying the Dubai Visa Fees and get your Visa to Dubai without any delay.